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Scan Your Web Sites For Vulnerabilities

Did you know that 60% of website breaches are due to vulnerabilities where available fixes were never applied?

When you have software with known vulnerabilities installed on your Wordpress site, it gives hackers all the info they need to get into and take over your site.

Trying to stay on top of every single WordPress vulnerability gets harder and harder all the time. You have to compare lists of vulnerable plugins and themes, and even the Wordpress core, with your own plugin, theme and Wordpress versions installed on your site/s, as well as staying on top of the updates.

One elegant solution that we recommend is part of the iThemes Security Pro plugin. It’s a better way to ensure your site/s are protected against all manner of vulnerabilities, the number one cause of hacked and compromised WordPress sites.

That’s where the new and improved WordPress Security Site Scan powered by iThemes comes in, performing automatic checks for known website vulnerabilities. If there’s an update available, iThemes Security Pro can even automatically apply the fix for you, so you don’t have to waste precious time. That is quite and incredible feature, providing so many Wordpress Webmasters with great peace of mind. 

A WordPress Security Plugin Can Help Secure Your Website

iThemes Security Pro, is our recommended WordPress security plugin, and a tool we use on all of our client sites when an Annual Care Plan is in place. It offers 50 plus ways to secure and protect your website from the most common WordPress security vulnerabilities, with features including:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Brute force protection
  • Strong password enforcement
  • Magic Links for login
  • and much, much more